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The Ur-Quan Masters is a remake of a classic game Star Control II
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The Ur-Quan Masters is a remake of a classic game called Star Control II that had many fans back in the 90's. This game is about space wars, combined with strategy elements, worlds exploration and adventure, where each player has to combat against alien races.

The Earth has been conquered and colonized by a race of aliens known as Ur-Quan Masters, and in the game you will be an expert captain of a big spacecraft who will have to travel and explore other planets in order to establish alliances with other aliens, and collect resources to free our loved planet Earth. The game will develop along many explorations, and dialogs with aliens, where you will have to pay attention to every response that you give to them if you want to make good alliances.

The graphics of the game could be seriously improved. Also, moving the spacecraft through the scenery is not as easy as it should be. Besides, you can use your keyboard or a joystick only, because mouse input is not supported. And the music can become annoying after a while. During the installation process, it's necessary to download some data and audio files in order to install the program correctly. Some of these downloads are obligatory and others are optional.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Open source


  • Music becomes annoying after a while
  • Graphics are very poor
  • It's not easy to drive the spacecraft
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